Senior Arts Series

   SSSWebCreative Aging’s Senior Arts Series continues on August 23. The Side Street Steppers are a page from America’s past, playing rare and popular music from the 1920s and 30s. Dubbed the Golden Age of Gramophone Recording, the two decades between 1920 and World War II saw the rise of jazz and the birth of the blues, the demise of ragtime and the emergence of hillbilly music that would become known through the world as country music. The Side Street Steppers present a collection of this transformation of the American musical landscape, performing on vintage and homemade instruments. Get ready for plenty of hip-shaking, foot stompin’, caterwauling and croonin’.

The August 23 show also features Gary Beard.  He will entertain and enthrall our Creative Aging audience with his outstanding musical prowess and engaging personality. Gary will charm you with well-known classics and Broadway show tunes AND he might even wow you with a few Liberace inspired solos. You will not want to miss our very own Memphis “Mr. Showman”!

Join Creative Aging for a delightful afternoon on Wednesday, August 23, 1:00 p.m. at Theatre Memphis (630 Perkins Extended), one of our city’s treasured cultural assets and one of the nation’s oldest and most recognized community theaters.

No reservations required.  Tickets are available at the door for a $5 minimum donation, check or cash only.  If you need more information, call Creative Aging at (901) 272-3434.

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