Who we are

Creative Aging's place-based arts experiences build community and enhance seniors’ well-being.

Talented professional artists and musicians play, perform and teach at locations where seniors live and gather.  Musical performances and hands-on arts workshops reach diverse audiences, improving participants’ cognitive vitality and emotional well-being, and making arts access a reality. Performances provide musicians and artists meaningful opportunities to earn money with their skills, helping sustain a thriving local arts community. This short video offers a glimpse of how our programs enrich lives.

Arts Access

Over 135,000 people in Shelby County are over age 65; 38% have 4 or more chronic diseases, and 29% live alone. By 2030, over 161,000 seniors will live in our community. Many older adults live on fixed incomes or in poverty, making arts access difficult. Our programs come without financial or logistical barriers. They enrich seniors' lives by promoting healty, vital aging; combatting isolation; and building community connections. 

Let's Enrich Lives Together

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