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Lifelong Learning Through the Arts

Creative Aging‘s Senior Studio courses offer lifelong learning through the arts. Lead by talented teaching artists, these multi-session courses provide people who are aging with access to participatory, art making opportunities. Creativity enhances seniors’ sense of control, offers social engagement, enhances physical and mental functioning, and improves attitude. 

Upcoming Courses

Acrylic Painting: Mar 2 - Mar.30, 2020 @ Collierville Senior Center-Classes After March 15 POSTPONED

Dates & Time: 

Mondays, March 2, 9, 23, and 30 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm.  


Linda Kerley Collierville Senior Center, 215 Poplar Ave., Collierville, TN 

Cost: FREE

Course Description: 

Explore elements of design in this painting course for beginners. Students will work with composition, color, mood and perspective through observation, discussion, sketching and painting–ultimately creating larger final landscapes to take home and enjoy.  This course is offered in partnership with the Shelby County Department of Housing and Community Development. 


Call the Collierville Senior Center at (901) 457-2769.

Senior Studio Course Catalog

Senior Studio workshops are taught in museums, libraries, and senior communities.  Courses are scheduled upon the mutual agreement of the location and the instructor. Program length, number of participants, and cost varies. Basic course descriptions are below. Limited scholarship funds are available. Contact Mia Henley to schedule a course!

Abstract Acrylic Painting

Instructor: Judith Weintraub

This 6-week painting course offers students an opportunity for fun, outside-the-box creativity while painting with color, play and movement. Maximum 10.

Acting & Improv

Instructor:  Princeton James Productions 

Activate your improv and acting skills.  This 6 to 8 session class offers students a chance to share their stories through acting and improv, discovering new skills and creating their own short production.  Maximum 20.

Collage & Memories

Instructor:  Cindi Ledger

Students use basic art supplies to create a memory collage from pictures and pieces of paper saved from special events.  Students learn basic skills involving pleasing compositions, collage layering for artistic depth, use of texture and color for interest, and greater creative expression. 4 to 6 weeks, up to 10 participants.  

Creative Journaling: Keeping an Artist’s Sketchbook

Instructor: Jimpsie Ayers

During this 6-week course, students develop an artist’s sketchbook, learning techniques including photo manipulation and alteration, collage, calligraphy, printmaking and image transference. Maximum 10.

Creative Movement

Instructor:  Kristen Lucas 

Engage your mind, body and spirit in a truly fun experience.  Students will learn a variety of dance styles and dance fundamentals, creating opportunities for skill mastery and creative self-expression.  Up to 20 participants.

Guitar for Beginners 

Instructor:  Randal Toma

In this guitar class for beginners, instructor Randal Toma teaches students the first steps of playing the guitar.  Over 4 to 6 weeks, students explore basic strumming and chord changing, singing while playing simple melodies, bass runs and licks to elevate songs.  Students must bring their own instrument, and a music stand is helpful.  Up to 10 participants.

Music in America

Instructor: Christian Stanfield

Learn about the development of American musical genres and be able to recognize their characteristics by ear. This 4 to 6 week course explores music from 1900 to 1960, including Ragtime, the Blues, Jazz, Big Band, Swing, Country, Rock & Roll, Soul, and others. Up to 20.

Dulcimer Instruction

Instructor: Lee Cagle

In this 6-hour course, taught over 4 weeks (1.5 hour sessions), students learn basic dulcimer playing skills from acclaimed dulcimer artist Lee Cagle. Maximum number of students varies. Instruments provided.


Landscape Painting for Beginners

Instructor: Sarah Nowlin

During this 6-week course, students explore and develop basic landscape painting skills, including composition/color blocking, basic color mixing and mood, creative depth and perspective, and styles of landscape painting. Students leave with their own landscape painting. Maximum 15.



Instructor:  Kristi Duckworth

Students learn basic skills needed to work with the art of mosaics from local mosaic artist Kristi Duckworth, including drawing and coloring a mosaic piece pattern, cutting the piece out of clay, glaze, adhering mosaic pieces, and grouting. Up to 8 people. 

Pottery Painting

Instructor: Adam Loeffel

In this 6-week course, participants paint ceramic pieces, exploring aspects of the pottery making process including color theory and principles of design; application processes; and how paints and glazes work together to create different effects, patterns and colors. Maximum 30.

Rigid Heddle Weaving or Inkle Loom Weaving

Instructor: Felicitas Sloves

In this 6-week course, participants learn to prepare a loom (warp) and materials for weaving, weave a project, and create a finished product either by sewing, mounting, or framing their work. Looms provided. Maximum 8 (up to 10 if some students have a loom).

Songwriting--Blues from the Heart and Soul

Instructor:  Kenneth Jackson

In this 6-week course, award winning R & B musician and acclaimed instructor Kenneth Jackson teaches students the art of writing the blues. Working first as a group and then individually, students learn the history and cultural impact of the blues, common blues song structure, how to write their own blues song, and how to accompany themselves on homemade instruments.  Up to 15. 


Instructor:  Barbara Mansberg

Via commands and short stories, students interact with the course leader and one another.  Students learn appropriate physical and voice responses, incrementally engaging in and responding to humorous mini-stories and situations. Through involvement in sight and sound, question and response, students build confidence in vocabulary, comprehension, and expression. Up to 10.  Classes occur 2 times per week for 8 weeks. 

Storytelling/Creative Writing Workshops

Instructor: Elaine Blanchard

Learn to tell a good story with renowned storyteller Elaine Blanchard. In this 6 week course (meeting 2 hours per week), participants learn various components of storytelling. Maximum 12.

Writing the Marvelous Real: Stories of the Imagination

Instructor: Sheree Renee Thomas

In this 6-week course (meets twice a week) students explore magical realism—taking ordinary people and places and merging them with the extraordinary—to develop their own marvelous tales. Come prepared to read, discuss and write! Maximum 12.

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